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Welcome to CloudEmotion by CrowdEmotion, an API that enables developers, academics and businesses to explore emotional measures across different industries and cultures.


CloudEmotion achieves this by providing access to our machine-learned process for tracking micro-facial expressions and linking them to emotions. We look to your creativity and feedback on reshaping user empowerment through data.

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HTML5 vid capture, no more Flash




86-99% accuracy on different action units




Leading deep learning algorithm




1 to 1 processing, 1 min takes 1min




Highly advanced face point system

Place human understanding at the heart of what you do

We love new ideas, so as a team of Emotional AI Experts we are dedicated to pushing back the boundaries of what we can do. Call us today and place human understanding at the heart of what you do.


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"We know what we are but not what we may be"

William Shakespeare



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