_emotion AI

People and systems that harness human emotion


_01. science of emotion


Emotions shape our perception of the world and our identity within it.  They help us create memories, drive behaviours, and power the only universal language between us.

We are fascinated by emotions and dedicate our lives to learning how they work.


_02. art of emotion

Art of listening to emotions

Over 4 years, we have created a community of Empaths - people who use technology to perceive the mental and emotional states of others to enable people in a rapidly changing world.  Our Empaths work across many sectors and roles to harness the tremendous potential of human interaction with new technologies.


_03. work with emotion

Building A people Strategy

99% of the data that businesses have on team, customers, and stakeholders, is behavioural or claimed.  Yet, 99% of behaviour is driven by emotion.

We work with businesses to reframe their challenges, create empathetic strategies, and retool with AI to harness emotion.


_04. create emotional content

Measure Audience Engagement

Creating attention, engagement and memorable experiences has never been easier to understand.

Norms suck and clicks need work.  If you care about quality over quantity, then put attention and engagement of your audience first.

The ENGAGE platform empowers content creators to know what captures attention, causes emotional reactions, and creates memories.

See if your content is truly engaging your audiences.

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