If you are not measuring emotions

you are not built for people


Introducing ENGAGE, our emotion AI engine.

ENGAGE allows you to capture micro-expressions, eye-movement, implicit bias and brand responses and access outputs and data visualisations, all from one platform.

Capture Hearts & Minds

Track & monitor eye-movement, facial micro-expressions and memory speed.

Unlock audience attention, engagement, and mental availability to tell better stories.



Access emotional responses with built-in platform analytics and data visualisations or dive deeper with our team of empaths and exportable datasets.

Better, Faster, For Longer

Test earlier, react and fine-tune rapidly and at scale to  supercharge your creative with pre-launch feedback.

Identify the most impactful elements to hold attention for longer. 


Be wise, Empathise

Measure audience sentiment and implicit bias to understand changes in brand perception.

Track emotional shifts and inform ongoing brand and creative strategy.