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Sophia Man

Biological Sensemaker

Sophia decided enough was enough and it was time to take a punt on an emotions based business.

Sophia brings a wonderful perspective on the mix between emotions, people, and technology.  She has a growing flare for design and loves helping clients harness human emotion.

In her spare time, she loves food.  Not in an eat everything way, but exploring-culinary-delights-all-around-London way.  In fact, I'm not sure I've ever spoken with Sophia when she hasn't mention a meal that made me envious.

So, without further ado, meet Sophia Man, our sensemaker with a biological twist.

_01. Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm a lover of music, laughter and taking photos. I don't function very well in cold weather.

_02. In your view, what is the relationship between people and technology?

It's a close one.

_03. With humans and tech merging, what are you concerned or excited about?

I firmly believe that creativity and kindness can save the world - both very human characteristics. 

Weaving in the processing power that tech offers could supercharge our efforts, so I'm excited about the potential advances for creative outputs. On the flipside, I worry about the directions we may go in terms of "enhancing" nature and what we will prioritise.

_04. Knowing that, how should we be responding to that change?

Being on point with ethics and policy to make sure "advances" are helpful and not destructive is key.

_05. Why do you feel emotions are so important to your work?

Aside from all you psychopaths out there, emotions hugely influence our behaviour. For me, fulfilment brings happiness so feeling fulfilled in life is an absolute must. If you can do something that makes you feel happy, scared and curious everyday, you are probably on the right track.

_06. What are you currently working on that helps flex your empathetic persona?

I'm working on the UX and customer success aspects of the company. My role gives me the freedom to explore humans and behaviour which is great because I love observing and working with people. 

_07. Quick plug, anything you want to share with our community?

Have fun, be kind and look after the world, we only have one.

_08. Final one, what do you love about the Sensemakers community?

Our diversity - variety is the spice of life.