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Dave Rawlinson

Taught machines how to see like a human.

I first met Dave when exploring how we could teach a machine to know what a person was looking at.  He and Alan are some of the pioneers in making machines see and perceive the world the way a human does.

Dr. Dave is also a brilliant scientist who loves aviation.

If you ever find yourself in conversation with him, ask how a turbine engine works.  He's wonderfully articulate at breaking down really complex problems into laymen terms so they can be solved.

Without further ado, meet Dr. Dave.

_01. Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm a AI/ML researcher and I've been applying algorithms to real world problems - mostly successfully! - for about 20 years. I accidentally started this career path when I wanted to spice up my pure CS degree with a 2nd major in AI, and later I threw robotics into the mix because I wanted to make things that move!

_02. What is the relationship between people and technology?


_03. With humans and tech merging, what are you concerned about?

I'm not worried about the traditional risks. I'm mostly worried about how society reacts to technological change, such as unemployment, inequality, lack of opportunities, the impacts of social media on the perception of truth.

_04. Knowing that, how should we be responding to that change?

I don't know, but it's going to be hard to fix. There's no standing still. We need to understand the problem first, and then get creative with fixes for the social fabric.

_05. Why do you feel emotions are so important to your work?

How else could I get out of bed in the morning? Pure, unadulterated lust for that first coffee, that's how.

_06. What are you currently working on that helps flex your empathetic persona?

Data mining. I love data mining. It's actually very imaginative, like solving a murder-mystery.

_07. Quick plug, anything you want to share with our community?

Everyone should know about the uncanny valley:

_08. Final one, what do you love about the Sensemakers Community?

It's a friendly place to be! 

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