ENGAGE - BBC Unlocks Science of Engagement

The Challenge:

BBC Global News is famous for producing high quality, engaging content.  Yet, audience measurement is restricted to clicks and cookie behaviours.  Click methods can be gamed and only show quantity metrics, not quality.  How an the BBC and other content publishers differentiate so that brands can understand the impact of quality engagement on their brand stories?

The Question:

Is there a way to measure the quality of real audience engagement?

Our approach:

We worked with the BBC research teams to develop an approach that used a webcam and memory tests to observe attention, emotion, and memory shift of brands and traits.  The approach needed to be:

  1. Culturally agnostic - usable in any country or cultural group
  2. At scale - hundreds to thousands of people at any time
  3. Wild - work on everyday consumer devices, no labs
  4. Fast - easy to automate for quick turnaround
  5. Easy to Use - require little researcher intervention to surface insights

The solution was tested in 6 different markets across 5000 people using webcam eye-tracking, facial coding and implicit response.  We saw strong results linking attention, emotion and implicit.  But like any good experiment, it needs to be repeated.  So we repeated in a second wave with over 


The Result:

The BBC launched Science of Engagement and CrowdEmotion productised a toolkit for content storytellers that measure true content quality and brand impact.  It won an IAB Research Award and and ESOMAR award.  It is now in use across top global news companies, content creation agencies, and market research firms who all want to drive quality brand storytelling.


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