Sensemaker - Matt Celuszak | Chief Sensemaker


Matt Celuszak

I love people and I love technology.  I built CrowdEmotion to understand the intersection of both.

Technology and people are merging.  CrowdEmotion and the wider Empaths is a group of people who believe in harnessing the power of technology to unlock the potential of humanity.  We often re-frame problems and retool solutions to further emphasise a person's identity in the value exchange.

The mission is simple - make intuitive products built on empathy.

I do believe that people will always have a place in our world.  Our power of abstraction, intuition, and creation is just at the beginning of its potential.  If machines can do the heavy lifting and processing, imagine the potential we have as a species.

It's scary and fun.  Kind of like the renaissance after the dark ages.

The Empaths keeps a north star on that renaissance light.

_01. Tell us a bit about yourself:

Outdoor lover and corporate nomad.  I enjoy travel and exploring people, cultures.  I really enjoy framing problems and solutions.

_02. What is view on how people and technology come together?

The 4th stage of our modern civilisation build - I think we are entering the technical renaissance where technology takes on the manual labour while people unlock their minds and creativity.

_03. What do you feel is changing that directly impacts our mental and emotional perceptions?

Right now, it's like the first time you enter a new city in a different country - everything sounds like noise and nobody is speaking your language.  It's filled with awe and fear at the same time, and you know there is an undercurrent of excitement.

Mentally, I think we are exhausted and emotion artificial intelligence couldn't come fast enough.  Emotions act as the bouncer to the brain, so we need our "scalable" technologies to self regulate.

_04. Knowing that, how are you responding to that change?

Desperately trying to understand and advance the knowledge around emotions, artificial intelligence and personalisation by building intuitive products built on empathy.

_05. Why do you feel emotions are so important to your work?

They are our work.

_06. What are you currently working on that helps flex your empathetic approach?

The Empaths community.  This community is full of people who love to explore how technology and people interact so we can question everything and help others think through the larger challenges.

That and I'm personally working on putting empathy first in leadership - an interesting journey and long way to go.

_07. Quick plug, anything you want to share with our community?

Yeah - check out the Empaths.  They are a collective of some of the most amazing people I have come across.  Many more to come as the community keeps growing.  

_08. Final one, what do you love about the Sensemakers Community?

Hope.  There is so much fear mongering around technology because the use of personal data has truly been abused.  Every conversation I have with an Empath puts people first.  By doing so, hope is reinforced that this is an evolutionary transition, not revolutionary.


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