Sensemaker - Jing Han Ong | Anthro-Neuropologist


Jing Han Ong


Jing joined CrowdEmotion in the very early days (read - still figuring out what we were doing).  I'm glad she did.  Immediately, she quickly observed and listened to the gaps in the business causing stress and started fixing them.  She also brought a fresh scientific view to social behaviour and emotion from her anthropology background.

So, it's no surprise we kept her around.  

Today, Jing helps our clients do the same thing - listen to how their most important stakeholders perceive them emotionally.  Her thirst for knowledge doesn't stop there though as she is completing a Master's in Social Cognition.

So, without further ado, meet Jing Han Ong, Anthro-Neuropologist

_01. Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a people person. Obsessed with understanding human behaviour.  Mostly what motivates people to behave the way they do and the influence of subconscious social roles.  I also love cycling.

_02. What is your view on how people and technology are coming together?

Broader sense, I think people and technology are blending more and more.  They cyborg effect.  I mean, I would be lost without my phone.  Technology has become a part of our individual identity so we need to make sure that we motivate responsible, ethical technological development to further humanity.

_03. What do you feel is changing that directly impacts our mental and emotional perceptions?

Attention disorder! People are now always-on and crave instant gratification. We are less patient with each other and do not persevere.  At work we are always available and in life we are too eager to find new social interactions than go deep with current ones.  This is unhealthy for us to learn about our identity and boundaries.

_04. Knowing that, how should we be responding to that change?

We need to put and reward responsibility when it comes to technical development.  Right now, the barrier to create is so low that anyone can create anything.  In the words of Voltaire: With great power comes great responsibility.  This couldn't be more true as more people can wield great power with the advancement of current technologies.

So, I think it is important we focus on quality over quantity and truly respect the value of attention.

_05. Why do you feel emotions are so important to your work?

Our work is emotions, literally.  However, ask anyone in business to talk about emotions and they are very lost.  It is out of context.  So, it is important to empathise with a work persona of others to share how we can be more empathetic with technology.

_06. What are you currently working on that helps flex your empathetic persona?

For me, it's about listening.  I am so excited about what we have to offer, that I sometimes get carried away.  So, I try to listen more and more because empathy wins the day.

_07. Quick plug, anything you want to share with our community?

Well, since you asked.  Check out my Tedx Camden talk on the Emotionally Personalised Future.  You can also hear about harnessing human emotion in media in Rome at the Media Festival.

_08. Final one, what do you love about the Sensemakers Community?

I love being around people who dare to imagine.

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