Sensemaker - Nathan Linney-Barber | Apocalyptic Hero


Nathan Linney-Barber


Part zombie-survival superstar, part product whizz-kid, Nathan is our product manager down-under. He knows all the ins and outs of the ENGAGE platform and how to thrive in an end-of-the-world situation.

_01. Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a Business and Marketing graduate and understanding people is at the core of my skill set. I have a strong interest in psychology and understanding what makes people tick so working on technology that understands people’s reactions and habits is an exciting career progression.

_02. In your view, what is the relationship between people and technology?

We need technology to survive but technology won’t need us forever. There will come a time where we aren’t needed to an ever expanding and infinitely intelligent AI overlord. They will probably have a catchy name and a lowercase letter for a logo. 10 years ago we would never have had a microphone in our house but now we pay companies to let us have one so we can ask it to set a timer for cooking an egg.

_03. With humans and tech merging, what are you concerned or excited about?

Technology taking our jobs and become self aware enough to understand that humans are irrelevant. The world will be sent into an apocalyptic state by an Alexa talking to a Google Home.

_04. Knowing that, how should we be responding to that change?

We should all be preparing of the apocalypse and I’ll let you in on my secret to survival. Everyone knows how an apocalypse goes. First, everything starts off miserable and grey until you start eating less and rationing food. Next everyone starts being careful of other survivors, forming gangs and factions in the new world. Until finally, you’re eating your cat and completely out of options. My strategy, snap right to the end. As soon as there is a brownout, cannibalism. The last time a circuit tripped in my house, I ate my neighbor.

_05. Why do you feel emotions are so important to your work?

People are emotional. It is the only thing currently separating us from machines. It is the last thing connecting us to our humanity and without emotion what are we. Emotions should be at the core of everything we do.

_06. What are you currently working on that helps flex your empathetic persona?

Currently leading our product development team towards the future of emotion detection

_07. Quick plug, anything you want to share with our community?

Australia, the whole country. The home of deadly animals, beautiful beaches and a very tired development team.

_08. Final one, what do you love about the Sensemaker community?

Our innovative spirit. We are always looking to push the envelope slightly closer towards our inevitable demise at the hands of a hyper intelligent emotion AI.